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I am inspired by the natural world, the unexpected beauty of the smaller pieces that make up the whole and by the intricacies of the world around us as well as the lost spaces that are often overlooked yet hold their own uniqueness. I love trying to see the humor,beauty, simplicity and complexity in the things that are often missed in our fast paced existence.

My photography has been a way for me to communicate and express my love for nature and the stories that are told in our everyday lives.

I hope you enjoy my photos!


* Cooper Craft Fair - October 26th 2013 Robbinsdale Cooper Senior High School, New Hope
*Solo exhibition at the St. Barnabas Lutheran Church Gardenview Gallery March 2013
*Art Fete - Burnsville Performing Art Center March 21st - April 27th, 2013
*Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts exhibit August 2012 ( Sausalito Alley)
*Canvas and Vines September 2012
*Art Fete 2012

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